Oilers sweep the Kings!

Oilers move onto second round.
4/27/2024 • Bob Ramsey

When the playoff bracket was set, and it was all said and done that it would be a heavy weight tilt between 2 powerhouse teams in the Edmonton Oilers, and the LA Kings, Oilers GM Ramsey was feeling the nerves. “ If I were to give an honest feeling of outcome for a series vrs GM Wolf’S Kings, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. As strong as I feel my team is, I felt the Kings were stronger. I would have laughed at anyone who said, this series wouldn't go 7 (if I was lucky enough to make it to a 7th game). To have swept this high end talent riddled team, is something I did not see happening in a hundred tries.” Needless to say, Ramsey and the Oilers organization, and fans, are pretty happy with the outcome. Now a little time to maybe fine tune a few areas in their game, before the second round begins. One of the big boys now finished in this ridiculously strong western conference gives a slight breath of fresh air to the rest of the conference.