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Draisaitl, Stars Captain leading the way

4/3/2022 • Al Ayotte

After having passed the trade deadline the Stars showed they were going to give a good push for a deep playoff run. They are proving to be a worthy opponent on a daily basis, this weekend the Stars have defeated top team San Jose Sharks 4-2 and followed up with a 6-2 victory over lowest ranked Krakens something was similar in both games. Captain Leon Draisaitl's poise and leadership is always a great motivator for the team.

After surpassing expectation's this season Leon Draisaitl has proved himself to be top 3 material in this league.

His numbers alone are showing they are going towards a career year in possibly goals and assist but most importantly in total points in a season, also in the Maurice Richard trophy race sitting at 34 goals with teamate Pastrnak at 33 goals he has shown that he has reached another level towards his game also netting 10 game winning goals this season, a best in the league in that category.

Draisaitl:''What ever it takes to win, i just try and play my game and make sure the team is all in. We have a great group allot of experience in this line up troughout we all play for eachother.''

After a strong weekend for the Stars next opponent NY Islanders is showing potential for a barn burner!

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