A Glance At The West

Issue #1
3/20/2024 • Zach Brideau

The time has come the first issue of A Glance At The West an exclusive Newspaper from Two Guys with hair and GM from the Seattle Kraken Zach Brideau


It has been a interesting year so far in the power house Western Conference with alot of surprises with the biggest one being the Vancouver Canucks and what we thought was going to be a power house team at the begining of the year experts thought they'd be a top team in the west but to this point they have the 3rd worst record in the west with a 28-34 record and potenially having a top 10 pick in this years 2024 DCHL Entry Draft. What is going on there? GM Brission will be in for a interesting off season will he re tool some minor pieces and hope this season was just a fluke or does he start of a rebuild?

With our first exclusive interview we where joined by GM Bob Ramsay and got to talk about his club. Here is the exclusive interview.


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