2024 Seattle Entry Draft

Kraken taking control
1/7/2024 • Zach Brideau

With a recent trade sending SEA 1st "25" and SEA 2nd "25" to the Vancouver Canucks for ANA 1st "24" and Alex Turcotte, its looking more like the 2024 DCHL entry draft will be controlled by the kraken with having 4/5 top picks the future is bright in Seattle. 

In a recent interview with GM Brideau this is what he has to say about the upcoming draft and what it looks like for Seattle.

" This Draft is going to be exciting for me and my team of scouts as it's my first as GM of the Kraken. We've been busy and have a lot of work still to do with having potentially 4/5 of the first 5 picks in the upcoming draft. There is a lot of talent in the first round especially with highly skilled forward Macklin Celebrini, This draft is going to be special and the start of an exciting future here in Seattle.