The Downy code

7/16/2022 • Tyler Wilson

Yes hi hello

Rangers GM here, I have been given a riddle by the DCHL resident troll which i assume is the first of three and instead of solving it myself i thought it might be fun if the whole league got together to do it and also I am completely stumped


so the riddle is this

"you released a guy for nothing that went in the second round of the draft"

Ottawa cannot participate as he obviously knows the answer already 

Nj and Toronto cannot participate as they clearly already know the answer as they have liked his post


A little info to help, my first move in the DCHL was on December 29 and I have never released a player outright so I assume it must be a trade that is the subject of this riddle. I also dont know which draft he was reffering so it could be DCHL or NHL 


so who likes a good mystery? ever wanted to become a detective now is your chance lets see if we can figure this out together while we wait for free agency to start