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should i trade my draft pick or not?

4/18/2022 • Tyler Wilson


I was trying to see if there is a correlation between getting a top 10 pick and using it or trading it and how teams performed and boy was I shocked to find out maybe or maybe not idk I did a ton of research and all it proved it that the Panthers, Canucks, Wings and Ducks have performed poorly as long as this league has been around it seems and all of them will likely get a top 10 pick again except the panthers who for the first time may not get a top 10 pick congrats on that :p Philly is the only team to never have a top 10 pick but has traded to make the most top 10 picks ever in the league with 5 WHOA

all this info im posting is completely useless but sharing is caring! the first number is how many picks a team had of there own in the top 10 the second is how many picks they made in the top 10 and then where they are ranked as of right now in the league, also the caps and sens may need to be switched up cause i have no idea what happened there a team swap or something maybe?

panthers had 5 made 3 18th place 78 points

blues had 3 made 4 11th place 92 points
canadiens had 3 made 3 17th place 78 points
canucks had 3 made 4 28th place 68 points projected to get 5th overall
vgk had 3 made 2 22nd place 75 points
cbj had 3 made 1 20th place 76 points
wings had 3 made 3 31st place 57 points projected to get 2nd overall
ducks had 3 made 2 23rd place 74 points projected to get 10th overall
pens had 3 made 0 8th place 98 points

stars had 2 made 1 4th place 103 points
jets had 2 made 0 3rd place 103 points
preds had 2 made 2 24th place 73 points projected to get 9th overall
coyotes had 2 made 3 16th place 83 points
hawks had 2 made 2 15th place 87 points
kings had 2 made 2 13th place 91 points
nyi has 2 made 0 6th place 99 points
flames had 2 made 3 12th place 91 points
rangers had 2 made 1 30th place 61 points projected to get 3rd overall   

devils had 1 made 1 19th place 77 pints
sharks had 1 made 3 1st place 114 points
leaves had one made 1 29th place 64 points projected to get 4th pick
bruins had 1 made 0 10th place 94 points
sabres had 1 made 1 7th place 98 points
tampa had 1 made 0  26th place 72 points  projected to get 7th overall
wild had 1 made 3 14th place 90 points
sens had 1 made 4 27th place 70 points projected to get 6th overall
oilers had 1 made 1 9th place 95 points
caps had 1 made 1  25th place 72 points prjected to get 8th overall
hurricanes had 1 made 1 5th place 103 points
avs had 1 made 1 21st place 76 points
kraken had 1 made 2  32nd place 34 points projected to get 1st overall

philly had 0 made 5 2nd place 106 points

this is how this years draft is shaping up and how many top 10 selections it will make for each team if they do get a top 10 selection this year, I am not saying we should be actively rooting against any of the teams that have had top 10 selections in the past but would be nice to give some other teams that arent in there every year a shot LOL

1 Seattle 2
2 Detroit 4
3 NYR 3
4 Toronto 2
5 Vancouver 4
6 Ottawa 2?  
7 Tampa 2
8 Washington 2?
9 Nashville 3
10 Anaheim 4