Magic Beans 2: Electric Boogaloo!!

7/15/2022 • Tyler Wilson

Yes hi hello

best Rangers gm in Dchl history here, to talk about the new Magic Beans trade!

As a refresher here is magic beans V1

Pick #2 2021 Matty Beans


(Pick #24 2020  somehow this pick becomes pick 29?)

Pick #27 2020 Ridly Greig

pick #29 2020 William Wallinder

Arizona round 3 pick?


and here is Magic Beans 2: electric boogaloo

PIck #18 Ivan miroshnichenko

PIck #20 Brad Lambert


Pick #28 Danila Yurov

NYR 2nd 2023

Tanner Jeannot

Arizona round 3

(also just as an aside since returning to the league the former Rangers gm has traded Kent Johnson who went 3oa in the same draft as matty beans thats two of the top three picks from that draft he traded mans must really hate that draft year)

so for a 1 2 3 and a pretty solid roster player i got a better return than on a guranteed top 10 pick all while i was golfing! a little background on the trades the one between Tampa and i had been in place for awhile but i thought at 19 Van was going to take Ivan Miro so when i saw Edm was interested in trading 18 I jumped at the chance and got my guy the trade Tampa and I had wasnt neccesary but i still liked the idea of moving up i thought i would have some time to look over who i wanted then Jean messaged me what felt like seconds later and was like your on the clock you have like 1 minute and i was like who is there and he said lambert and somebody else i said Lambert for sure and i was like hell yeah great pick then i realized thats who Tampa had told me he wanted with my pick at 28 and i drafted him like a huge prick! then in watching the video I believe it was Washington that had traded to 21 to get him so i didnt feel as bad LOL

I legit kinda thought i would get Wright at 3 cause i thought 1oa would be Slaf and Ott was all like i love Cooley hes so good yada yada all the time when i saw the NHL draft I told i think it was Jean, OTT doesnt have the sack to take Cooley no freaking shot he does but you know who has got way too much sack THIS GUY so the morning when i was going golfing i was on the way i gave "jean" a list but with there being two "jeans" i guess i sent it to the wrong one and everybody lost theor freaking minds! thanks to half the league for messaging me that was super cool LOL i had considered taking Nemec but i told Seattle when i moved up i would def not go dman having Nemec and Hughes would have been neato tho

I really like high risk high reward guys and both Miro and Lambert fit the mold perfectly if they hit i did well and if they dont i didnt tank my team so bad i literally have to leave the Dchl :p

I really wanted Miro hes a top 10 pick if hes healthy and not so Russian! When i watched the video Steves reaction to me selecting him is priceless "he has CANCER" "he's Russian" YEAH thats why he is going at 18 19 or 20 and not top 5 lol

And with Lambert he was also projected top 5 at one point or another both or either could easily turn into the steals of the draft for me and IRL caps and Jets 

STAY TUNED for next year and Magic Beans 3: the uh the third one

Magic Beans 3: the last crusade?

2 magic 2 beans?

Magic beans with a vengeance?

forget it i have a year to figure it out