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4/18/2022 • Tyler Wilson

Hey everybody

an interesting idea popped into my head hearing people talk about injuries i wanted to see where i compare in missed games to the rest of the league unfortunately with teams who make alot of trades its nearly impossible to tell how many games a player missed. I also only did players no goalies and only players that couldnt just be replaced by an ahl player and you wouldnt expect a noticeable difference if you are like well John Scott is vital to my teams success and he missed 20 games you have got some serious serious problems

Most missed games is 66 least missed games is 2 and of the 25 teams i was able to find the numbers for the average missed is 22.4

Award for most injuries to players: Los Angeles  66 missed games due to injuries that i could tell is astonishingly unlucky 

Runner ups: Vegas 64! Detroit 62? its hard to tell with tanking teams if a player was hurt or they sat them to ensure Vegas was def wracked with injuries Detroit maybe was cant tell but seems like they were but the players they had injuries too were only "good" compared to what else they had to work

Most Lucky: Ottawa 2 missed games and still managing to tank but also maybe could make the playoffs? this league has maybe the least parity I have ever seen in any league in my entire life its like 10 all star teams and 22 teams begging for scraps

Cant tell how many games missed due to injuries too many trades dont have the time

  1. Boston, Calgary, Colorado, Dallas, NYR, Seattle and Vancouver

Teams with absolutely no injuries

  1. Ottawa 2
  2. Carolina 3
  3. Buffalo 4
  4. Florida 5
  5. Pittsburgh, Chicago 10
  6. Toronto, Winnipeg, Philly 12
  7. NYI 14

Teams with some injuries

  1. Columbus 16
  2. Arizona 17
  3. Tampa, Washington 19
  4. Nashville, NJ 20
  5. Anaheim 24
  6. Minnesota 25

Really unlucky with injuries

  1. Edmonton 28
  2. STL 30
  3. SJ 31
  4. Montreal 35

Sim league gods hate you

  1. Detroit 62
  2. VGK 64
  3. Los Angeles 66


so a couple things i learned from this! that bad teams generally trade more making it nearly impossible to even tell who played for their team at any given time and that karma is real cause Wolfman deserves to have themost injuries