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Buffalo/Toronto Round 2. Annnnnnnd GO!


Ahhhh, the spring air is so fresh, when it's not being tainted with the awful spring storms that tends to sweep the east each year around this time. The one positive in all of this weather mess, lies in the fact that playoff hockey is back in the DCHL, with no shortage of storylines.

Do last years champs Colorado...er.....Winnipeg make it past the first round against the wild ? Does GM Flax's miracle run into the playoffs end in the first round? Does Giletto shut up nay sayers and punch his ticket into the second round? What about chicago ? With such a strong showing they must make it past the first round.

Well here we have it, STEVIE B's Leafs playoff preview, with a little easter egg, not only will I Highlight the series Toronto2HYPE has been waiting for almost all year, but the loyal readers of my mediocre articles get predictions. Thats right I said it. The misinformed, usually wrong STEVIE B makes predictions!!

It's been a long year since last years early exit at the hands of the sabres. The leafs have been eyeing this matchup for a long while now, and with a somewhat depleted defence, they are fairly overlooked.

GAMEBREAKERS:1) Carey Price: If price can remain consistent and win some hard games, and Allen can step in, I believe the 1-2 goaltending punch may be a true strength

2) Offence: The top 2 lines have been clicking. When ovie was hurt, the top 2 lines held onto huge games. Now with ovie slotted into the lineup i expect the depth in the offence to be a strength. While cullen, virtanen, frolik dont put up huge numbers, i see them making the difference in this series.

3) WEAKNESS: DEFENCE DEFENCE DEFENCE!!! while most pundits write this team off due to lack of depth up front, I write them off due to lack of defence. The end of the season was cruel, and now Vet Methot and gunnarson are missing for 30+ days. I think this is where they get hurt. Getting goals might not be an issue, but stopping the Sabres from scoring might be. The real X factor here is Price.

This series is going to be one for the ages, a rematch of what has been a quiet rivalry between 2 passionate GMS trying to wade the chaotic waters of the DCHL. It'll be a goaltender dual PRICE/ALLEN vs RINNE/RAANTA. An offensive flex between CROVIE and the Douche vs Wheeler Staal Arvidsonn and company. Buffalo's defence far outskills that of Toronto's, so this could Very well be a turning point.


TORONTO/BUFFALO= Toronto in 7 because a guy can hope right?

CHICAGO/NASHVILLE= Chicago moves on to the next round thanks to management in 6

WINNIPEG/MINNESOTA= Winnipeg in 5- The defending champs have more playoff experience and grit

CAROLINA/ISLANDERS= Islanders in 5- The isles made it, and now they have to prove they belong, expect a heavy offensive push (UPSET)

BOSTON/JERSEY- Jersey in 6- A hard battling bruins couldnt get it done in the season ...and will battle hard to take this round, but i see new jersey slithering their way into the next round.

EDMONTON/CALGARY= Oilers hold on in game 7 to move on. This close battle will go the distance, and the oilers will hold on to make it through.

NYR/Philly- Philly in 4. The rangers liquidated or at least tried to, and somehow stuck in the playoff picture, but i dont see them overcoming the hurdle that is the flyers.

ARIZONA/SJ - Yotes in 7 . Everyone loves an underdog, and who doesnt like to see the mighty fall . The yotes are my upset of the west.

This has been stevie b for Toronto2HYPE and all i have to say is... STAY CLASSY DCHL