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Winnipeg Jets

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Forwards:    J. Guentzel, K. Connor, A. Copp, J. Khaira, R. O’Reilly, T. Hertl, JT Miller, N. Kadri, B. Boeser, T. Bertuzzi, L. Glendening, M. Sorensen



Defence:      S. Jones, J. Morrissey, T. Barrie, T DeAngelo               



Goalie:          MA Fleury, G. Senn



Off Season Team Needs:      # 2D, bottom Pair D, Backup G



Free Agency:            The Jets GM has plenty of cash and just enough cap room to go get the top pair defenceman the Jets need to take another run at the cup.


He also needs to figure out a way to improve the team bottom pair defensemen and backup G.



2020 / 2021 Season Outlook:    This is a team that has the potential to finish at the top of the standings and be a serious cup contender. 


Although Winnipeg’s group of forwards doesn’t include any superstars that will contend for a scoring title, overall it is a very solid group that can score and also play solid defensively.


The centres are solid and 3 line deep, it also includes solid wingers that can bury the puck in the back of the net.


Fleury is a solid starter, but he will need a backup if the Jets are going to contend.



Top Prospects / Under 25’s:      K. Connor, J. Bracco, K. Vesaleinen, M. Appleton, K. Lind, G. Vilardi, B. Leason, S. Holmdtrom, R. Kupari, B. Boeser, W. Foegele, B. Guhle, J. Tuulola, G. Senn, M. Dipietro, A. Golyshev, M. Maccelli, J. Nattinen, A. Khovanov, E. Petterson, H. Blaisdell, D. Bokk, J. Berggren, N. Nordgren, N. Lundkvist, J. McIsaac, S. Lundmark, M. Gildon, R. Walsh



Future Outlook:    Again, there are no superstars in the wing, but there are plenty of potential solid NHL players. 


Winnipeg has 3 UFA’s (Glendening, Kadri, Barrie) but they have enough young players that could take their place next year or at least in the near future.


The Jets GM will have to start thinking about finding Fleury’s replacement, because Dipietro is Winnipeg’s top prospect in nets, but he is still at least 2 or 3 years away from being a starter in the DCHL.




*Pro Roster salaries are based on the roster players listed below, some are based on the contracts others on potential / ratings.