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Nashville Predators

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Pro Roster


Forwards:      M. Marner, F. Forsberg, J. Gaudreau, J. Drouin, A. Shaw, J. Blandisi, M. Jankowski, N. Ritchie, C. Keller, N. Hischier, A. Chiasson, R. Fabbri, D. Simon



Defence:      J. Trouba, M. Dumba, B. Montour, K. Connauton, R, Pulock, M. Irvin, S. Koekkoek,



Goalie:          S. Bobrovsky, P. Grubauer, A. Shortridge, M. Subban



Off Season Team Needs:  1C, 1D



Free Agency:     This is a very deep team, but if this team is going to compete with the big boys in the west, The Preds GM will have to go all out and swing for the fences.


This team is strong enough to make the playoffs and potentially make a long playoff run, but the west loaded with teams like Minnesota, Winnipeg, Dallas, Colorado, San Jose, Edmonton, Arizona and an up and coming Calgary Flames team.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these teams win the cup in 2021.


Nashville doesn’t have a lot of cap room, at least not enough to acquire a # 1 centre and # 1 Defencemen. 


The question is, does the Preds GM believe he needs to acquire these players to put his team over the top and if he does, what will he do?


He could either trade some of the team’s depth for top of the lineup players or would he even consider trading Bobrovsky to use that cap room on a # 1C.



2020 / 2021 Season Outlook:    Nashville should be a lock to make the playoffs, and could make a deep playoff run, depending on who they face.


This team is also built for a long run, yes they have a couple of RFA’s like Hischier and Keller in need of new contracts in 2021, but that won’t be impossible to overcome.



Top Prospects / Under 25’s:  N. Hischier, R. Fabbri, S. Milano, M. Marner, C. Keller, E. Luostarinen, H. Fleury,

G. Carlsson, J. Lauzon, J. Woll, A. Eriksson, B. Jenkins, V. Soderstrom, J. LaCombe


Future Outlook:     There is lots of talent on that list, most of them are already rated but Nashville as a couple of potential stars on defense in V. Soderstrom and J. LaCombe.


Hischier, Keller and Marner could lead this team for years, and that’s a should make excite the teams fan base.



*Pro Roster salaries are based on the roster players listed below, some are based on the contracts others on potential / ratings.