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Montreal Canadiens



Montreal Canadiens

Current Funds

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Pro Roster


Forwards:      S. Monahan, B. Comeau, K. Turris, A. Galchennyuk, J. Martinook, M. Raffl, P. Maroon, J. Beagle, C. Clutterbuck, T. Pitlick, R. Hintz, S. Blais, G. Bourque, A. Gaudette, J. Larson



Defence:      J. Benn, A. Biletto, A. Boqvist,



Goalie:          C. Price, S. Wedgewood



Off Season Team Needs:  3 x top 6 F, 4 x top 4 D, Back up G



Free Agency:     Montreal as just under $28 M in cap space, but they just have too many needs and not enough money to fill them all.

They will need to dip in the free agent market but, they should be a major player.



2020 / 2021 Season Outlook:    The Habs will be in a battle to make the playoffs next year.  Unless something drastic happens with this team, I think they’ll have a better shot at the 1st pick in the 2021 draft then making the playoffs.



Top Prospects / Under 25’s:  R. Hintz, S. Blais, A. Richard, J. Koppanen, A. Gaudette, M. Amadio, A. Toropchenko, N. Henry, A. Boqvist, J. Keane, D. Sprong, L. Stanley, S. Noel, L. Aaltonen, T. Tieksola, T. Madden, A. Ginning, S. Morin, D. Helleson, S. Knight



Future Outlook:     This is a team in the middle of a rebuild, but aside from A. Boqvist and S. Knight there aren’t a lot of top prospects, quality U25 and they don’t have any first round picks in the 2020 draft to add to the prospect list.




*Pro Roster salaries are based on the roster players listed below, some are based on the contracts others on potential / ratings.