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Minnesota Wild

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Pro Roster


Forwards:      M. Rantanen, S. Aho, J. Huberdeau, R, Smith, N. Kucherov, R. Rakell, M. Foligno, J. Anderson, B. Coleman, E. Peterson, J. Kotkaniemi, J. Bratt, A. Texier.



Defence:      M. Rielly, J. Purgeon, F. Hronek, J. Muzzin, I. Cole, T. Sanheim, T. Stecher



Goalie:          J. Gibson, C. Dellia



Off Season Team Needs:  top 4 D, Back up G



Free Agency:     Minnesota doesn’t have a lot of cap room and they need to keep some cap space for next year, so I would be surprised to see the Wild GM take part in the Free Agency Frenzy


He might try to pick up a backup Goalie for cheap, but otherwise I would see him acquire a top 4 D and back up G through the trade route.  The Wild have enough assets to acquire a good Defenseman and improve its backup goalie via trade and still have a bus load of quality young players.




2020 / 2021 Season Outlook:    The Stanley Cup Champs will again be a cup contender like they were last year at this time.  The only people that didn’t know that were the odds makers!)


That team is filled with quality players that are either on their rookie contracts or their 2nd contracts.  So the only concern the Wild GM might have is how will he be able to sign his RFA’s next summer and who will he loose in the expansion draft?



Top Prospects / Under 25’s:  J. Bratt, R. Asplund, I. Shvyrev, E. Petersson, J. Kotkaniemi, A. Texier, N. Gregor, K. Maksimov, M. Rantanen, S. Aho, T. Sanheim, E. Bear, F. Hronek, PO. Joseph, F. Sandstrom, K. Keyser, A. Grewe, J. Honka, N. Hoglander, A. Talvite, T. Harley, J. Tychonick, E. Zamula, J. Rathbone, L. Dostal



Future Outlook:     Just look at that list of U25 players, it is impressive!

And as if that wasn’t enough the Wild GM uncovered a potential Gem in J. Rathbone.  Don’t be fooled by his poor DCHL prospect rating, he could turn out to be the Wilds best young D in a couple of years!



*Pro Roster salaries are based on the roster players listed below, some are based on the contracts others on potential / ratings.