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Detroit Red Wings

Current Funds

*Pro Payroll

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Pro Roster


Forwards:      K. Okposo, L. Komarov, J. Abdelkader, A. Burakovsky, Z. Aston-Reese, K. Dach, J. Weal



Defence:       A. Sekera, E. Lindell, M. Ferraro, K. MacDermid



Goalie:          A. Georgiev, J. Korpisalo



Off Season Team Needs:   Entire top 2 lines,  3 x Top four D



Free Agency:    The Wings have tons of cap room and DCHL cash.  Now the only questions is will the Wings GM use it during free agency.


This team has lots of needs, they won’t be able to fill all of them during free agency, but he’ll be able to fill a few needs.  



2020 / 2021 Season Outlook:    Even if the GM spends to the cap during free agency, the Wings won’t have enough cap room to make the wings a cup contender.


One area that is not a concern for Detroit is between the pipes, with 2 potential starters in Korpisalo and Georgiev, they can feel comfortable.  To the point where the GM could trade one of them to improve other positions that are lacking.


The Wings are still 2 or 3 years away from being able to compete for a playoff spot.



Top Prospects / Under 25’s:  K. Kolesar, S. McKenzie, T. Lewis, K. Dach, M. Highmore, P. Bittner, B. Hagel, M. Ferraro, K. Middleton, A. Georgiev, A. Hill, C. Ingram, N. Foote, B. Tracey, A. Tuomisto, S. Bolduc, O. Rodrigue



Future Outlook:      The Wings have a couple of high end prospects in Dach, Foote, Tracey and Georgiev but besides that the rest of the prospects list is not very deep or high quality.


At least the wings have the 2nd and 33rd overall picks in this year’s draft which should give them a couple more high-end prospects.


However, the wings are still far away from having a top of the DCHL prospect pool, the wings GM will have to work hard to continue to add quality prospects to his organization.



*Pro Roster salaries are based on the roster players listed below, some are based on the contracts others on potential / ratings.