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Upset Alert : Isles knock out top-seeded Canes in six games


NEW YORK - APRIL 20th 2019

The Islanders are sending shockwaves throughout the DCHL tonight, after beating the Carolina Hurricanes in six games.  The last wildcard spot has beaten the top seeded team in the Eastern Conference.  Before opening the corpse of the Canes to determine the internal causes of their demise, lets exalt the Isles with they praise they deserve.  "Obviously we were the huge underdog here, and I am very proud to advance to the second round, GM Flax Laplante said, our team chemistry is at a high level right now.  We pushed so hard to make it to the last wildcard and now we just have to keep the wheel rolling.  

We have three solid lines that can gives headaches to other teams.  We have alot of veterans who won in the past, that brings experience and leadership to this organisation.  We have alot of character players and one of the most hard working team in the league.  In other words you reap what you sow, so you harvest what you have earned.  Oshie led the way with 8 points in 6 games.  We love his consistency and work ethic.  He is a huge part of our success. 

Next up is the Philadelphia Flyers.  They are the cup favorite in most brackets and they are well balanced overall.  One of the best defense followed by one of the best elite goaltenders in the league.  Isles have clearly the toughest path to the cup being the last wildcard and they will have to give everything they got against them.  Flyers won 3 games to 1 in the season series with a total of 20 goals vs 17 goals in 4 games..  That is an average of 5-4 advantage Flyers.  We should expect some high scoring games between those two teams.  

Isles dont get much of a chance on paper, but that will be the case all they way if they go any further, and they do not lead in any categories against the Flyers, but the game is played on the ice, so anything can happen.