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Islanders get much needed win over Arizona to stay in playoff hunt


NEW YORK - 03/24/2019

There is no way to guess how many more victories the Islanders will need to reach the playoffs. The number 6 was suggested in the team’s locker room Sunday night after the game.  That is how much game is left in the season so we need to win them all to assure our spot.  We cant take a night off.  Much clearer was the fact that they really, really needed one in this game. Coming off a huge lost vs Philadelphia, they found their stride for at least a night.  New Jersey are red hot lately and Washington has an easy schedule beside those 2 Carolina games.  We are playing them last game of the season and I think It will be the game that decides who goes home.  

As usual, New York found a way to give their goalie plenty of exercise and their fans a lot of heartburn. Yet they rebounded in the second period from a poor first period but were undisciplined in the third period almost costing the game. Jonathan Toews finaly had the last word and earns a 4-3 win in overtime over the Arizona Coyotes, meanwhile the Capitals suffer a huge lost vs Philadelphia.

“A huge win, a huge two points,” said Matt Murray, who faced a blitz of 43 shots. “I think it’s better for a goalie when they shoot a lot of pucks, but obviously that was too many. We did a lot of good things in the first and second period. We just found a way to get the two points. That’s really a huge booster for our team after that big lost yesterday.”

The odd thing was that at a video session Friday, Flax Laplante had hammered home the point that the team had to try harder, and especially try harder to avoid giving up so many shots. That didn’t take hold in the first period, and it free falled into the third period. Fortunately for the Islanders, Murray was up to the task.


“I think he was the only one who got the memo that the game started at 7 o’clock,” Deboer said after the game.

The Islanders moved into last wild card, with a point over the Washington Capitals, and 2 points behind New Jersey Devils. Joel Armia gets 2 goals in 2 shots with only 8 minutes of playing time to earn the first star of the game.  With Jonathan Toews a close 2nd with the OT goal.  

“Matt was there to stand tall. We found a way between periods, but we’ve got to find a way to play three full periods and make it easy on ourselves,”  Giroux said. “Coming off the break, it kind of feels like a new season. So we needed to get going again. It was a big game, a turnaround game for us. We’ve got to understand the way that we played.”  Flax Laplante adress the media for the press conference.  The only thing he had to say was that “The main message was just to play fast and simple game, no turnovers, and especialy not throw the puck away.”