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Good Evening DCHLers,

This week is an abbreviated version of the RANKINGS. You will notice there are no comments for each team. This is probably not going to be a recurring trend but I did put some effort into the rankings postitions. Starting next week, if I do comments there will only be comments for the top 20 teams.

Some have suggested I stop ranking teams in the bottom 11-15. I absolutely would do this if this column were written for a 3rd party audience but since it is written for a small 30-40 person league, eliminating half the league doesn’t cut off enough prep time to make it worth the effort.

I’m also working through how to get the HEAT LAMP running smoothly but the best way for the creativity and quality to flow is if you keep sending me your stuff early and often. I might need to break it off into another  League Report/article altogether.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you agree with my ranking or my comments on a week to week basis, I hope you all remember this column is for the members of the league at large and a lot of time goes into it every week to field an article I think is worthy. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time today to put anything at that level on the page.




  1. IVAN PROVOROV and TOREY KRUG (Weeks in the Lamp: 2) continue to stay hot. Both had big games against the LIGHTNING. Even though it was CARTER HUTTON and not DEVAN DUBNYK in net the defensemen accounted for half of the COYOTES goals and also set the plays which led to the other half.
  2. SPARKS and ANDERSON- These goalies almost played each other this week but both have some heat in their pads entering the NEW YEAR. While the performance is likely to be a wasted one, the CAPS shut out the FLYERS with a 1-0 victory on the road. Sparks on the other hand put up a respectable 24 save performance against NYR this week. He boasts one of the more effective stat lines among back ups in the league with 14 GP: 2.08 GAA and a .926 SV%.
  3. Since returning from the Holiday Break KRIS LETANG has had points in 3 of his last 4 games. Accounting for 1 goal and 4 assists.



  1. GENO MALKIN (Weeks on the Lamp: 2)- Still playing well but only has 3 points since appearing in this segment last week. Unfortunately that is not enough as the LEAFS have lost 3 straight. A Point Per Game for the week is nothing to scoff at but it is not translating to team results.



Blake Coleman has made an impression since moving up to the second line. He hasn’t made the same impact as stars like TAVARES or PASTRNAK but is proving he deserves to be in the top 6. When asked about COLEMAN’S recent play, members of the coaching staff had this to say- “We love him in the locker room and what he does for us on the ice. He isn’t gonna light the lamp every night but he gives us a spark and you saw it in our game vs. WPG. We went down early and he got us back in it and it gave our boys time to settle in.”


Taylor Hall- Hall returned this week after missing a few weeks due to voodoo magic. Unfortunately he hasn’t found his game just yet which is normal for a player coming off a long hiatus. The DEVILS still held their own but if they want to hold off any claims for the top seed then they need TAYLOR to return to form.

CAROLINA- Several people have asked me to cover the CANES and I am refraining for mostly. Mostly because I care about the mental health of their GM who has gone through several stages of grief on our community board this week,

ROOPEWATCH (a bet is a bet- WASHINGTON needs 20 Goals, 40 Assists for 5 mil GM Cash): 15 Goals, 8 Assists. 37 games remaining. 


A look at last week’s games of the week. Randy is 20-22 on the year with 3 perfect scores.

Day 98- COL at NYR- Incorrect

Day 100- WPG at BOS- Correct

Day 100- EDM at MTL- Correct

And now here are your Day 102 POWER RANKINGS

  1. ARIZONA (33-12-2) NO CHANGE
  2. NEW JERSEY (32-12-0) NO CHANGE
  3. PHILADELPHIA (26-13-6) UP 2
  4. SAN JOSE (29-15-3) UP 5
  5. TAMPA BAY (24-15-5) DOWN 1
  6. BOSTON (26-11-9) DOWN 3
  7. NASHVILLE (26-13-4) UP 5
  8. WINNIPEG (27-15-3) DOWN 2
  9. CHICAGO (27-14-5) DOWN 1
  10. MINNESOTA (25-14-5) NO CHANGE
  11. COLUMBUS (25-18-3) NO CHANGE
  12. TORONTO (23-18-4) DOWN 5
  13. NEW YORK ISLANDERS (24-18-1) UP 4
  14. LOS ANGELES (26-18-3) UP 1
  15. VEGAS (26-19-3) DOWN 2
  16. OTTAWA (21-19-5) DOWN 2
  17. ST LOUIS (23-21-2) UP 4
  18. EDMONTON (20-22-5) NO CHANGE
  20. WASHINGTON (20-19-7) DOWN 4
  21. BUFFALO (20-18-7) UP 2
  22. MONTREAL (23-21-2) UP 4
  23. BUFFALO (20-18-7) NO CHANGE- CAROLINA (18-19-8) UP 2
  24. FLORIDA (20-19-5) NO CHANGE
  25. DALLAS (21-22-2) UP 5
  26. COLORADO (19-23-3) DOWN 1
  27. CAROLINA (17-17-7) DOWN 16- CALGARY (17-25-5) UP 1
  28. PITTSBURGH (16-22-6) NO CHANGE
  29. DETROIT (17-23-5) DOWN 7
  30. ANAHEIM (18-25-2) DOWN 10
  31. VANCOUVER (10-30-5) NO CHANGE

Games of The Week:

DAY 105- BOSTON at PHILLY- This could be a playoff matchup: BOS 3, PHI 4

DAY 105- SAN JOSE at ARIZONA- This is another opportunity for either team to lay claim to the division. SJ 3, AZ 4

DAY 107- TAMPA BAY at MINNESOTA- I don’t think Minnesota has had many games lately but TBL probably needs to bank as many points as possible to stay in the top 3 of the ATLANTIC. Too many WC teams to rely on that last WC spot. TBL 2, MIN 3.

There you have it, your POWER Rankings on Day 102 of the Regular Season. This is the LONESTAR PUCK REPORTING!