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BOG Press Release April 16th, 2019



Good Evening DCHLers,

The BOG was recently notified of systemic violations of Rulebook Chapter IV, Paragraph 4, Clause C. The Rule reads: “When doing Line-ups, in the “Strategy” tab of the STHS system, GMs must have at least one (1) selected for both offense and defense. Any variations on top of those are permitted.”

Violations of this rule included members of the league from all divisions, BOG and non-BOG alike. The BOG has determined there is no malice associated with various violations and the disparity between teams who violated the rule include playoff contenders, Trophy winners, and non-playoff contenders. There is a clear conflict of fairness between teams who followed the rule vs. teams who did not, regardless of discernable benefit. It is extremely challenging to determine exactly what impacts these line-ups had and additionally it is extremely tedious to itemize the quantity and timing of each violation.

However, a rule is a rule, and the Board of Governors identified 15 teams who are in compliance and have remained faithful to this obscure clause in the rulebook. Since rules should be enforced, the Board determined compensation for the aggrieved Franchises was best suited to this problem.

Franchises who followed the rule will receive 5 Million GM Cash for free (25 CAD worth of in game currency) and this cash will not count against the GM Cash cap.

Additionally, the BOG reviewed the rule and determined the enforceability of the rule is not feasible. Rather than enforce per game penalties per infraction after a result of games/series/championships were determined, the BOG finds it more suitable to allow GMs to determine whatever team strategy they wish.

This is a courteous and cautionary reminder for all GMs to read the rulebook and raise concerns where you see them. It also shows that a voluntary regulatory body sometimes misses small details and this is our opportunity to reward good behavior while ensuring the integrity of our league and our history remain intact.


Recipients of 5 MM GM Cash: Anaheim, Arizona, Bruins, Calgary, Carolina, Detroit, Edmonton, Florida, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Montreal, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Vegas


Additionally, 3 teams violated Chapter 4, Paragraph 6, Clause A of the rulebook. This clause reads: “GMs must start a back-up goalie, at minimum, ten (10) games during the regular season.”

This is a clearly written rule with annual notifications through board discussion and within league articles. Schedules also may provide a clear advantage to teams who do not follow this rule. Thus regardless of intention, this rule will be enforced with a 10 MM GM Cash fine to teams who violated the rules.

This fine amounts to (50 CAD) of in game currency and will be assessed within 7 days of this press release.

The teams assessed fines are: Anaheim, Nashville, and Vancouver.

Thank you for your consideration.